Oil and Gas Cyber Security

Increasing your survival odds in the digital age

Our Domain

Oil and Gas Cyber Security

Whether you are operating an integrated oil company, pipeline, storage, petrochemical, or services, we have experience in securing your enterprise. We focus on three main security imperatives beyond the protection of people involved in their operations:  Protecting critical infrastructure, your produced oil and gas, and critical information. 

Management Consulting

Digital Security Transformation

CxO Survival Strategy Practice“It is all about increasing your business ability to adapt and survive the transformational digital forces. We deliver fast track plans based upon best methods for analysis and maturity assessment.”Our team employs quantitative techniques, tools and our extensive industry experience to determine:

  • Current (as-is) health state of your company
  • Gap analysis based on your industry specific benchmarks
  • Future state with a road map for remediation based on risk-weighted vulnerabilities

We are specialists without any ties to vendors or preferences with a long track record with deep knowledge of the Oil and Gas industry. 

Products Deployment

From Enterprise to Well sites

The need to protect your assets, products, and access to your information is more important than ever.   We have truly unique offerings in the smart card and strong authentication space, built on the foundation of 10+ years of experience and large global deployments. In fact, our experience is unparalleled: our focus hasn’t changed since designing the first PKI-based smart card specifically for network authentication. 

What we provide today is not just another smart card management system; it is an enterprise platform for managing strong authentication credentials using smart cards and RFID tokens to secure access to critical applications & data and protect your enterprise from unauthorized use. 

About Us

Our Company

CyberSafe ID is a global, privately held company that provides cyber and physical security solutions for Critical Infrastructure industries.  We started as a security division of Schlumberger in the late ‘90s and began operating as an independent company in 2008. Today, our products and services are recognized throughout the energy industry for securing cyber physical systems and resources.

We have a strategic security model for today’s cyber environment and assist our clients in developing a next generation security strategy. Our key offerings include:

  • cyber and physical identity management
  • cyber-security strategy
  • cyber and physical security assessment
  • cyber-attack isolation, containment, and remediation

Our solutions are delivered via consulting – both with internal resources and through our eco-system of partners, systems integration, and proprietary products and tools.

Expert Team

We have assembled a powerful, award-winning team with the vision, knowledge and experience to provide tangible benefits to our clients. Each team member has a unique area of concentration and has established their stake in their space through field engagements, patents, publications, etc. Many of our team members are DHS, CISSP and CIS certified. Our group includes both seasoned executives and pioneers in the area of cyber-security. Their combined abilities are unparalleled in the industry.